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Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before booking an apartment. By making your reservation you are automatically agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Oldham Service Flats will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour from any guests under the influence of drugs/alcohol, or accept any excuse for behaviour likely to cause a nuisance to other guests. O.S.F. reserve the right to instruct any guest behaving in the above manner, to leave the premises immediately. If a guest refuses to comply, the appropriate authority will be notified.

Any individual(s) occupying a flat will be responsible for:

  • Damage to the flat, or it’s contents, during their stay.
  • The disappearance of items of contents during their stay.
  • Any loss of revenue to O.S.F., due to the behaviour of themselves or any other person(s) sharing or visiting the flat during their stay.
  • O.S.F. will require full reimbursement with respect to any of the above.

Guests arriving: (He or She) unsuitably dressed, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, behaving in an abusive, threatening or unacceptable manner etc. will be refused accommodation, with no refund, as per the terms & conditions.

If guests do not vacate the premises by the appropriate time, a pro-rata daily Charge will be imposed.

Any extension of the original reservation period, must be reserved in advance. However, depending on availability, the required accommodation may not always be available. Therefore an available alternative may have to be considered.

Keys lost or not handed back at the vacating time, will be charged for at £7 each.


Guests who smoke in the flat will incur a charge of £75 to cover the cost of fumigating the flat.

Should any guest incur any of the above charges, their credit/debit card details will be used to recover the total costs.